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Our clinic has various services to help animals heal as quickly as possible and keep them healthy into the future. We believe the key to your pet's long-term health is prevention, so make sure to bring your pet over to get their annual wellness physical examinations and vaccinations. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Services: Services
Happy Dog

House Calls

We come to you for your pet's needs eliminating the need for a trip into a clinic.

Veterinarian with Dog

In Our Clinic

We now have a clinic that is an added option as a place to bring your pet. We offer everything up to anesthesia (no surgeries). Please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination and/or heartworm records to the event, or they can be emailed to us.

Golden Retriever

Health Certificates

Planning to travel outside the state? Then you will need a health certificate for each pet you are traveling with. We can even complete international health certificates for you!

Licking Cat

Online Pharmacy 

Order your food, prescriptions and flea and tick preventative today!


In house diagnostics

We offer in house blood work, urine analysis, fecal analysis, radiographs, and ultrasound both during home visits and in our clinic. 

It is highly recommended to have annual blood work run on your pets to catch any changes early. Our in house diagnostics allows us to have a fast turn around time, getting you the information earlier.

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