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Home Euthanasia

By appointment only

The toughest decision you have to make for your best friend is sometimes the kindest. That doesn't make it any easier for us or for them. A lot goes into the decision, a lot of emotion and heartache. I'm here to help you through this. I have the ability to come to your house and make their final journey as peaceful as possible. When you are ready, all you have to do is call me and set up an appointment. Most home euthanasia visits take an hour, some are shorter and some are longer, each is individual. If you have any questions about the process please, feel free to call. Below is some information about the process and some information on services to help remember them as best as possible.

Setting up the Appointment

Grey Cat

During a call to schedule a home euthanasia there will be a couple of questions that can be tough to answer. 

      1) I will need your information and your pet's information including about how much your pet weighs. 

      2) What is your plan for after care? Do you plan to bury you friend on your property or cremate? We have a cremation services available and will transport to and from for you. 

      3) Do you have a special place you would like you have the euthanasia occur? 

      4) If you would like, a clay paw print or a hair keepsake, it is included in the price. If there are any specializations you would like to make you have up to a few days after the euthanasia to have a complete decision made. 

The Euthanasia Appointment Process

Lazy Dog

I try to make the process of Euthanasia as peaceful as possible. I start by giving your pet an under the skin injection of a sedative, sometimes it can sting a little at first during the injection and usually takes about 15 minutes to set in. Sometimes they will just become quiet after the medication sets in, sometimes they fall asleep in your arms as you say good-bye. When you are ready, I will give the actual euthanasia solutions into the vein. Legs veins are where I try to hit first, depending on your pet I may place an IV catheter. As the medication is given they go to sleep, then their heart stops. I will listen to their chest, make sure their heart has stopped. When you are ready, I will make the paw print at this time, and/or take some hair depending on what you wanted as the remembrance package. I never want you to feel rushed during this process, I want you to take the time you need with your friend before the final parting. When you are ready, if you have decided on cremation, when you are ready we will take your friend for cremation. This process takes about 2 weeks. When your friends is ready to come back home we will bring them to you.



Euthanasia                                                                  $150.00

Mileage after 10 miles                                         $1.00 per mile

One Paw Print                                                          Included

Additional Paw Prints                                           $20.00

Hair Keepsake                                                          Included

Additional Hair Keepsakes                                 $10.00

Private Cremation

0-20 lbs                                                                         $143.00

21-40 lbs                                                                      $176.00

41-60 lbs                                                                      $200.00

61-90 lbs                                                                      $255.00

91-120 lbs                                                                   $295.00

121-150 lbs                                                                $317.00

150+ lbs                                                                       $359.00

Communal Cremation 

0-20 lbs                                                                         $73.00

21-40 lbs                                                                      $85.00

41-60 lbs                                                                      $110.00

61-90 lbs                                                                      $129.00

91-120 lbs                                                                   $149.00

121-150 lbs                                                                $174.00

150+ lbs                                                                        $258.00

Give me a call and I can answer any questions or concerns you have about Euthanasia.

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